Brave Hukamnama

When a community is under the gun sometimes its own actions can appear contradictory to its own interests.  The Akal Takht’s mysterious hukumnamas about various things – like making a big deal once about Buta Singh dyeing his beard black, when so much else thousands of times more condemnable than the artificial blackness of his beard had been done by the government and party of which he was just a mere cog being a case in point.

But the above is definitely NOT the case this time for the latest HUKUMNAMA of the Akal Takht which we completely support and congratulate SFJ and AISSF and others who are pushing for this petition.  The following is per news item written by Navjeevan Gopal from Amritsar on May 5 which appeared in the Indian Express of  May 7 :–

The Akal Takht directed SFJ and AISSF to file a genocide petition in the UN demanding a probe into planned and organized attacks on Sikhs in the first week of November 1984, and take concrete measures to get these killings declared a genocide.  The hukumnama directs all Sikhs to extend support for the 10 lakh signatures SFJ is aiming for.  “More than 30,000 Sikhs were murdered, women were raped, Gurdwaras were set afire, properties were plundered and more than 3 lakh Sikhs were dislocated from their places.  The Indian governments hid the details pertaining to the attacks by terming them as anti-Sikh riots.  These attacks were not riots nor were these limited to Delhi only.  In reality, in November 1984, Sikhs were attacked in more than 100 cities in 18 states,” said the Akal Takht jathedar Giani Gurbachan Singh in this brave hukumnama which is in the true Khalsa tradition.

Not in the tradition of that spineless jathedar who after Jallianwala had honoured the butcher, Brig Gen Dyer, of that massacre of Sikhs of long ago by presenting him with a siropa.  Kudos are due too to reporter Navjeevan Gopal for getting this item in newspaper.  But it seems the totally high editors of this newspaper decided not to put this item in on-line editions!?   How long do you people want to hide the truth about the killings of June and November 1984?

Once again, we need to make national memorials for the thousands of pilgrims who were killed in more than 30 gurdwaras of the Punjab, not memorialize the brutal PM who had ordered this massacre.  Likewise down with the memory of Mr Clean the PM whose lackeys killed these 30,000 innocents in November 1984 to avenge the murder by two Sikhs of his murderous mother.  Let’s build memorials to these innocents – just like the one in Jallianwala — likewise memorials to the thousands of innocents – not Sikhs but Muslims this time — murdered in a fit of anger by their very own CM in the state of Gujarat in 2002.

Every killing of any innocent, be he Sikh, Hindu, Muslim, atheist, whatsoever is simply one more murder. This politician’s game of cancelling off one set of murders by committing another to get bloody votes must stop.  

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