British Collusion

Britain launched an investigation into MP Tom Watson’s claims that, based on recently de-classified British government documents, the Thatcher government “colluded” with India on the deadly attack on the Golden Temple in Amritsar in 1984.

Marked Top Secret, these documents are being released to the public

Even more important would be if such documents from Indian offices  — army, civil, cabinet minutes, RAW, etc, etc .– could be gotten out detailing in full what went on behind closed doors during those months of plotting, as well as the reality about what was actually played out when the Golden Temple was finally attacked in June 1984.  It is quite possible that efforts have been and are being made … but an additional problem now is the timid Indian mainstream press – [which is anti-Sikh anyway and by now invested heavily in the oft repeated canard that this “Operation Bluestar” was designed only to “flush out terrorists” will never own up to the fact that thousands of unarmed pilgrims, many in gurdwaras other than the Golden Temple too, were killed on this holy day, this gurpurb — it was Guru Arjan Dev’s martyrdom day – and almost all these killings  happened after all hostilities had ceased between the combatants] — won’t rush to report any such RTI [India’s oft-in-news Right to Information Act petitions] efforts that might have been made by some brave people during the previous years, too willingly either.

Margaret Thatcher was about the cruellest British PM in a long time, for example, a dozen Irish freedom fighters starved to death in British prisons, but could not melt her heart.  However the “Iron Lady” was not a patch on “Dilli ki Durga.”  It is no surprise to know that these  two “ladies” got along famously.  Qualitatively politicians tend to be scoundrels every where, but quantitatively in India – because of the absence of any real-time legal or judicial checks  — they are miles ‘ahead’ : much more murderous (esp. for India’s own citizens).

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