Jaspreet Singh in the New York Times

The truth will come out!   One more instance of this is the absolutely great article by Jaspreet Singh that has just appeared in the New York Times blog of Thomas Bernhard


The author underlines that though much greater in numbers were the atrocities committed by the Nazis on Jews, gypsies and others there is a big difference when it comes to November 1984.  The SS is no longer in power in Germany.  On the other hand the perpeterators of the murders of thousands of Sikhs on the streets of Delhi, to avenge the murder of Indira by two Sikhs angry at the massacre earlier in June in 40+ gurdwaras of thousands, have risen to high positions.  And the then prime minister and her son, without whose authority either implicit or explicit these avenge killings could not have been done is being continuously memorialized along with her …

As Jaspreet Singh puts it these memorials to Indira and Rajiv are rather “forgetorials”

There is one point however on which the author might have erred.  He excepts the Indian Express – of those days, when that pogrom was going on, nowadays this newspaper is no different than any other – from collaborating with the desi SS on the streets.  Whether Indian Express really can be excepted only a study of its reportage of those days and weeks can show.

However it is true that the Bombay-based Illustrated Weekly of India did print a number of articles, by Ivan Fera above all, but also Rajni Kothari and others which laid bare the lies of the powers-to-be.  And these articles, like the fearless “Who are the guilty” are very much on this website.

Kudos once again to Jaspreet.  We owe it to those thousands who were butchered that their memory is kept alive.  Like similar memorials that the Jews have built the names of all those who fell should be engraved on the memorials to be built in Delhi.  Yes we don’t have the full list because all sorts of obstacles are put – because here in India the “SS” is still in power, most editors of the big papers, like that of today’s Express are very much honorary if not full-time members of this SS.  Yet we have many names, and as more are found, they too should be added.  Lets get the “forgetorials” demolished, it will take time, many decades maybe, but we should continue getting the truth out.   Let us memorialize the innocents that fell.  Likewise too for the 2002 genocide of members of another community … the principal perpetrator of which is unfortunately so eulogized by these editors and the big business barons of India ——- no wonder he has been selling off gujarat land etc to these people for peanuts … Anyway even if he had developed that state of his 1000 percent a mass murderer, a murderer of those he was supposed to protect in his capacity as CM, that he is still CM might soon be PM … that is shining India!

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