Mar 7 2012

He who shall not be named

 This op-ed in The Tribune, Chandigarh dated February 28, 2012 – penned by one of the many flip-flop artists that are called top journalists in India – from its title seems apparently to be all about Gujarat 2002 and the horrors perpetrated there by Modi.

But right near the very beginning  there is something very important that Kuldip Nayar is reiterating once again about the Sikh massacre in November 1984 and about the so-called judicial and impartial findings on it that were delivered by an jurist Nanavati:

We shall let the columnist’s words speak for themselves:– (Nayar is a friend of Nanavati and this apparently is what happened when the two were having tea together)

“I have seen how Justice Nanavati evaded naming the person behind the anti-Sikh riots in Delhi after reconstructing an impartial account.  When I met him after the report to pinpoint the person responsible, he shrugged his shoulders and said everybody knew who he was.  This is true but coming from him, as it did in black and white, would have made all the difference.”

This is absolutely incredible, could only have happened in incredible India, lets read again what we just read about this eminent judge’s work:–

(1) Justice Nanavati evaded naming the person!

(2) When I met him after the report to pinpoint the person responsible, he shrugged his shoulders  and said everybody knew who he was!!

(3) This is true but He shall not be named.


And Mr Nayar continues on blithely … so everybody in India knows who the person responsible for all those murders in November 1984 … including Mr Nayar … but no one … including the judge responsible for writing the report … considered it important even to say the name !!!

Yes Rajiv is dead and has been dead for long but he still he is the beloved icon of millions who think that this mass murder of thousands of innocents in November 1984 under his explicit or implicit instructions amounts to nothing …

Nothing … least of all 10,000 or so murders of innocent Sikhs should be allowed to tarnish the myth … of how cool and clean and suave and modern and all Mr Clean was, of how he “developed” India so much after staining the roads of Delhi with blood of thousands …

For one murder, the sentence is death or a life behind bars … for thousands, immortality?

And brave journalists like Mr Kuldip Nayar are still waiting – I’ll say it after you alligator – for some braver judge to first put that R word, all in black and white, as he says, before they’ll utter what everybody knows anyway:  let’s not be coy about it anymore, lets spit it out, let’s call a spade a spade:  to avenge the murder of his mother by two Sikhs, prime minister Rajiv Gandhi of India let loose on the innocent Sikhs of India, Delhi in particular, in November 1984 state terrorism unfettered. Let us all de-memorialize him, write history factually … and not even THINK of bringing someone even remotely like him into power again.


Dec 1 2011

Finding the Conscience of a Constitution

Lately the Indian scene has been enlivened somewhat by the appearance of someone who likes to shoot off his mouth – that of course is nothing new, loquaciousness is the norm  – in somewhat different directions than the run-of-the-mill more-or-less-owned-by-big-business mouthpieces that are the editors of the main newspapers or else anchors of the various TV channels.

The appearance of Justice Katju’s ideas in the Indian press – they have to give him some space because he is the chief of the Press Council now, a body meant to look into ethical transgressions of the press – is like a breath of fresh air.  Though he can often be very homey in his thoughts – and the super sharp wily brains at the helms of the various newspapers, e.g., the chap who is the editor of the Indian Express, don’t miss any chance to make tongue-in-the-cheek fun of Mr Katju, and generally mess around with him …

But for all his, often indeed – sorry, Mr Katju, but this is the apt word – buffoonery on his part, one Mr Katju is worth a dozen worthies of the kind we just exemplified.  He has laid bare the way in which the Indian establishment and their mouthpieces  have totally forgotten the common man in all this hysteria about “growth” and “development” which have benefitted only those running this sham democracy and fooling the masses, who are being left behind at an even more increased rate economically, educationally, etc, etc.

But here we note a big gaping error on which much else of Mr Katju’s ramblings are based:-

Having sworn fealty to the Constitution of India, this ex-Supreme Court judge’s thoughts are constrained by this allegiance.  The words in any document, however carefully drafted and with whatsoever intentions – and as we Sikhs well know some important parts of this document were crafted by mischief towards the minorities, for example, the Sikhs, Jains and Buddhists, all separate religions were lumped under the name “Hindu” deliberately in this document.  Anyway this blog is not to discuss such things, split hairs on this and that historical or legal thing, but to keep the focus on basic human rights and wrongs, and in particular, as it pertains to how the thousands of Sikhs murdered in November 1984 have been, and still continue to be, deprived of due justice even after so many years, and despite the existence of this shining document which to Mr Katju is apparently more important than anything else…

Some time ago Prashant Bhushan– a dedicated lawyer, dedicated that is, to truth and freedom of expression– said very reasonably in some convention that we ought to consider that first solution to the Kashmir problem once again viz a referendum or a plebiscite under international supervision to determine what its people wanted.  All hell broke loose at this – such is the reality of the freedom of speech that is enshrined in this constitution – and amazingly enough some goons labeling themselves Bhagat Singh’s Fauj – how laughable, Shaheed Bhagat Singh was a communist or almost one, but we don’t go for labels here, this Shaheed must be turning in his grave at the kind of “free” India his shaheedi and many other shaheedis has brought into being – broke into Prashant Bhushan’s Supreme Court lawyer’s office and beat him right there …

Days after, being interviewed by that wily Indian Express editor who naughtily pretends to honor the Press Council chief while all the time he mocks him, Katju denounced the goons for this beating alright … but … this was a mere perfunctory line or so … then he sailed into Prashant Bhushan for having crossed the lachhman rekha itself, of having uttered a total no-no! Anything remotely resembling an attack on the “ekta and akhandta” (integrity and unity) of India – here we are talking of verbal “attack” or as was the case this time a meek suggestion only by Mr Bhusan– is apparently, at least as Mr Katju reads this document, is a total total no-no in India. 

A democracy, a true democracy, can continue to exist only if it has the heart and the intelligence to let those intellectual voices speak that beg to differ … it is the whistleblowers, the loose cannons, etc., that ensure that a system, any system, stays honest.

Such a pity that the great writer, the only one from India to be honored so far by the Nobel Prize in literature, the one who penned the beautiful lyrics singing the praises of this multi-faceted subcontinent, the song that became the National Anthem … well such a pity that this great writer’s thoughts on this topic shall now perhaps not meet with Mr Katju’s approval either?

Tagore said that worship we should reserve for something bigger, namely Truth, to worship our country instead would bring a curse on it … Yet despite his pleadings then his country, Bengal, did fall a victim to that curse … similar humbugs on all sides ensured it.

So much blood has been spilled in the name of God and in the name of Country, let’s stop or try to stop this now at least.  After a series of violent riotings there came into being an artificial partition of Tagore’s beloved and beautiful country Bengal.  Likewise there was another, even more bloody and tragic – a half a million Sikhs, Hindus and Muslims were butchered in a few months – was the partition — equally artificial — of our country Punjab in 1947.  And amazingly enough this was the unparalleled-in-violence culmination of the so-called “non-violent freedom movement” that brought us this “glow of freedom” in 1947.

This Constitution of yours Mr Katju, or at least your interpretation of it, has by now led to, since 1947, well over a million murders in “free” India.  Kashmir we have already mentioned.  The situation in Punjab was, and latently still is, no different:  Well-meaning sincere Sikhs totally against violence but desiring that “glow” of freedom.


Asking for rights peacefully is forbidden under your constitution, you say, Mr Katju and of course it goes without saying, asking for them non-peacefully is forbidden too.  Likewise for Kashmir, likewise for Manipur, likewise for Tamils too, multiply this with all the freedom movements going on in akhand bharat and you can soon see that that million deaths that we laid on the conscience of this piece of paper that you worship Mr Katju is perhaps a gross under-estimation.

It is worship of Truth that is needed, not worship of this Constitution of yours … and Truth can appear quite different to other people, just as sincere and justice loving as you, Mr Katju … we would have really matured when we allow all these sincere people to speak their various thoughts freely and openly … when we stop silencing dissenting voices like that of fearless Simranjit Singh Mann – against whom more than 50 cases for shouting slogans (he didn’t pick up a gun) for Khalistan have been filed so far one after each cases he is acquitted for, just to keep him tied in legal knots.  And less high profile people than him and Arundhati, but even more courageous, have paid for such sentiments with their lives or long stints in jail for dissent that was totally “Gandhian,”  which the Britishers allowed, but those who “won” that allegedly “non-violent” struggle won’t allow to dissenters now.

That oft trotted out sentiment “I totally disagree with you but I’ll fight with my life for your right to give your point of view” which so many eulogize is very hard to live up to … but unless we try at least there is no hope for this Bharat or India of yours, Mr Katju .

Nov 1 2011

November. 2011.

It’s that time of the year again. When we remember November 1984. The best remembrance, second only to assisting the survivors directly, is: understanding what happened during that bloody week of November 1984 (and the many bloody years that followed!) and then sharing our understanding with others.

So, this November:

1.  Sign this petition. Share this petition.

“We, the undersigned, call for

An independent international inquiry into Rajiv Gandhi and the Congress party’s role in planning, organizing and executing the November 1984 anti-Sikh pogroms in New Delhi,India and the immediate removal of the name of former Indian Prime Minister, Rajiv Gandhi, from all public monuments, airports, roads, stadia, parks, sports awards, and professorships…”

2. Read this book. Share this book.  Buy a copy!



3. Watch this movie. Share this movie. Buy a copy!

Lamentably, Amu remains the one and only–worth mentioning–full length feature film on 1984 screened (though for a mere week in Chandigarh and not at all in Punjab cinemas) on India ….

As against this Bollywood is brave when it comes to depicting fall-out of 9/11 on minorities in far-away USA–most famously, “My Name is Khan”. But same brave  Bollywood people won’t touch 2002 of Modi half as bravely … or 1984 of Rajiv Gandhi at all.

A review of the movie can be found on the Sikh Foundation Website here.


Sep 22 2011

Punjab Police Admits Killing Kids for “Terror Links”

This news item is simply incredible, the Punjab Police is admitting in court — in a very straight-faced away, not a hint of remorse in their statement, let alone apology — of having ‘taken out’ two kids– one 1 year old and and the other 1 and a half — during an operation directed against some having “terror links”.

The statement shows clearly that in the post-1984 days till 1995 or so (though to some extent it is still continuing) the operative definition of this phrase, as far as the police was concerned, was anyone “linked” by birth or marriage to someone whom the police suspected to be engaged in “terror”.

The police had been given, by the powers-that-be, a completely free hand, to first label as such, and then eliminate by extra-judicial means, any and all such “undesirable elements”.

Indeed the Police had found this brutal policy of going after soft targets (women, children and elders of the family) linked to suspected militants to be both very safe for themselves and quite effective.  The total number of murders thus committed is probably much more than those killed in the two big massacres of 1984.

One year old, one and a half-year old, wonder if these are the youngest ever “terrorists”?  The mind boggles … but the Indian elite is quite deaf to these things …

Apr 11 2011

I love Modi

Its a virtual stampede, this “I love Modi” thing. Now, Chetan Bhagat of Amir Khan (‘Three Idiots’) movie fame, “Two States” author, Indian youth icon etc etc has declared fealty to someone against whom obviously there is a prima facie case — in the eyes of practically the entire Muslim community of India, and of anyone else with a heart who bothered to read the newspapers in those horrifying days of 2002 — of having at least “blessed” if not authored the butchery of thousands.

We don’t see any reason — no, not even 10% or even 100% development” — that such a suspect should be allowed to continue in high office for a day more …

Yet Chetan Bhagat would want Modi now to move to Delhi as PM !!

Reminds us chillingly of post-1984 — the years 1985 , 86, etc — when ignoring practically the feelings of the entire Sikh community, or for that matter any rational observer of that older massacre — the oh-so-sweet Mr Clean , that is, Rajiv Gandhi, was practically the darling of all of the rest of India for his alleged development work !!

To any sensible person corruption (black money etc) should obviously be much less serious than murder of even one — let alone a thousand of humans … but incredibly these bright Bhagats or Hazares think  therwise and it seems there is now a full blown avalanche (from Tatas, Ambanis downwards) of those who can’t enough of this Modi!

Dec 11 2010

US Embassy Cables Confirm Organized, Sanctioned Killing of Sikhs

US Embassy cables confirm what was happening in Punjab, with organized, sanctioned, police gangs targetting Sikhs

“With regard to former Senior Superintendent Punjab Police (Jalandhar) Mohammad Izhar Alam, we can confirm that he now holds the position of Additional Director General (Administration) Punjab Police, a senior police posting. During the insurgency, he assembled a large, personal paramilitary force of approximately 150 men known as the “Black Cats” or “Alam Sena” (”Alam’s Army”) that included cashiered police officers and rehabilitated Sikh terrorists. The group had reach throughout the Punjab and is alleged to have had carte blanche in carrying out possibly thousands of staged “encounter killings.” (NOTE: Former Director General Punjab Police KPS Gill publicly praised the group, saying the Punjab police could not function without them. End Note.)…”

And then, in case you thought it’s over, think again: When there has been no redressal, but rather the perpetrators of 1984 and the 1990s are glorified, in an environment of extreme impunity, how can we take serious any claims of “normalcy”?

“JALANDHAR : Chief minister Prakash Singh Badal has overlooked the allegations that former DGP Mohammad Izhar Alam was involved in killing of several innocent Sikh youth during militancy in Punjab and appointed him in-charge of Malerkota constituency for the assembly elections.”

Oct 11 2010


The Winter in Delhi, 1984 : A Long Legacy of Organized Cowardice

Aseem Shrivastava

“I write these lines on October 31, 2005. It is exactly 21 years to the day since Mrs. Indira Gandhi was assassinated by her two Sikh bodyguards….”

Oct 10 2010

They took their time to kill between meals…


Arpana Caur Wounds of 1984


“The massacre continued for two long days in houses on either side of a bylane. The killers were so exact and meticulous that they did not even hurry with their job, just took their time to rape, murder and torture them between meals,”

Aug 30 2010

It’s All a Joke!

So long a party to the blatant, prolonged and (despite the seriousness of the whole issue) wholly laughable manner in which the entire state machinery in India, both prosecutorial and judicial, has been willfully dragging its feet vis-a-vis justice for the victims of November 1984, it seems the CBI recently had a rare moment of weakness … CBI’s own counsel T A Khan — news item below – has admitted what of course everyone and his uncle knows : it is all a joke!




(from Times of India, August 28, 2010)

Jun 5 2010

Will 2002’s Big Fish Get Away as Easily as 1984’s

In mid-March 2010, the Indian Supreme Court appointed S.I.T. (Special Investigation Team) and at long last dared to actually call Gujarat’s hugely popular C.M. Narendra Modi (by the way he is “Namo” to his juvenile fans who are apparently so keen on him that someone is even making and selling dolls with this name) to ask him a few questions about his “alleged” role in the murder of Congress MP Ehsan Jaffrey and 60+ others during the 2002 Gujarat massacres.

While leading Indian newspapers didn’t spend too much valuable space on reporting on the S.I.T., The Times of India in an inside small piece did remind the readers in a summary manner that there are at least two eye witnesses who heard Jaffrey plead on the phone with Modi himself to do something — and the police had more than abundant time to do something — but Modi simply abused Jaffrey loudly on the phone and condemned him to a brutal death at the hands of his goons, along with many other Muslims who had sought refuge in the MP’s house hoping that they will be safe at least there.

The hate speeches of Modi and his ilk in the lead-up to this massacre post Godhra can be easily found by anyone willing to go over the newspaper files of that time (they were even reported verbatim in some smaller newspapers). Yet just some weeks ago there was another news item from which it seemed the Supreme Court was now plaintively requesting Modi’s own Gujarat government to assist the totally stuck super-sleuths of India’s FBI, i.e. CBI, who apparently were not able to make much headway because they — poor dears! — were not able to get copies of the said speeches and so had come complaining to the Supreme Court to help them some.

What kind of farce is this? Who is being fooled by this kind of investigation…? From day one it has been amply clear that the massacre of 2002 was done at the behest of Modi himself, nothing of that magnitude was possible otherwise. Going back to 1984 and Delhi it is equally obvious prima facie that the massacre of the Sikhs then was carried out, at the very least, with the implicit approval of Rajiv Gandhi himself.

One would think that in any society in which justice and fair play have any meaning, the faintest accusation of a crime as grave as murder (yes, even one murder, not thousands as in these two cases) would be enough to at least disqualify a person from continuing in high office till a thorough complete probe had shown him blameless.

Higher the office, more the power, so there is more room for abuse, it should require less not more by way of proof … Yet in India at least it is definitely the other way around.

Even 25+ years after the massacre in Delhi, the late Rajiv remains very much the darling of the ruling party, and indeed it is universally accepted that Sonia derives her power from this fondness with which this murderer of thousands in November 1984 in Delhi is remembered.

Likewise 7 years after the “riots” in Gujarat, cuddly “Namo” is talked about fondly in drawing rooms as the BJP’s next PM …..

Surely something is very very wrong with even the basic idea of democracy if it can somehow manage to project such people in this way. But I think history catches up with the truth eventually, and the said massacres shall be laid squarely on these two, despite all the efforts being made to the contrary by their acolytes.

It is a bloody game this and politicians will continue this way unless people bring them to book, especially oh especially, the big fish: one must go after them first, not last!

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