Punjab Police Admits Killing Kids for “Terror Links”

This news item is simply incredible, the Punjab Police is admitting in court — in a very straight-faced away, not a hint of remorse in their statement, let alone apology — of having ‘taken out’ two kids– one 1 year old and and the other 1 and a half — during an operation directed against some having “terror links”.

The statement shows clearly that in the post-1984 days till 1995 or so (though to some extent it is still continuing) the operative definition of this phrase, as far as the police was concerned, was anyone “linked” by birth or marriage to someone whom the police suspected to be engaged in “terror”.

The police had been given, by the powers-that-be, a completely free hand, to first label as such, and then eliminate by extra-judicial means, any and all such “undesirable elements”.

Indeed the Police had found this brutal policy of going after soft targets (women, children and elders of the family) linked to suspected militants to be both very safe for themselves and quite effective.  The total number of murders thus committed is probably much more than those killed in the two big massacres of 1984.

One year old, one and a half-year old, wonder if these are the youngest ever “terrorists”?  The mind boggles … but the Indian elite is quite deaf to these things …

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